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WHILE tattoos can be a unique and special thing, there are plenty of common styles that are shared by hundreds of people.

Tattoo artist and owner of Hepcat Tattoos in Glasgow, Stu Hepcat has spoken to Insider, revealing which styles have become overdone in recent years, and which are timeless and will remain popular for the foreseeable future.

Stu stresses that tattoos should be an individual choice adding that following trends set by celebrities may not be the best way to go.

He says: “If you see a celebrity that has a tattoo, those are the ones that will date.”

Which tattoos are overdone?

Stu has shared three tattoo styles that he believes are rather overdone and dated by now.


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Dream catcher

The dream catcher tattoo shot to popularity around 2009, after Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato began showing off their dream catcher tats.

Stu says that in the years following this there was a huge demand for this style, but it’s died down a lot now and he rarely has anyone ask for this anymore.

The infinity symbol

Who didn’t want to get one of these with their best friend when they were younger?

While Stu says that these tattoos are still fairly popular among duos and groups getting matching ones, it has become rather overdone, especially when the symbol is surrounded by bird silhouettes.

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"I still think they're great, and pretty cool still. They are just in danger of becoming overdone," says Stu.

The lion is another style that has shot to popularity thanks to celebrities sporting these tattoos.

Timeless tats

There are some styles, that according to Stu, will likely never go out of style, or if they do it certainly won’t be anytime soon.


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While it may be time to say goodbye to the lion tattoo, Stu says that the eagle tattoo has a long history within the tattoo industry and is therefore likely to always remain a classic.


Both hearts alone, and hearts with skulls, are a timeless design, of which Stu says: “will always stand the test of time because of their history.”

So if you want to get a matching tattoo with someone in your life, perhaps hearts are the way to go instead of the infinity sign.


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