I’m a tattoo artist and here’s the popular inking I refuse to do – it's the Corsa of tattoos, I’d rather lose the money | The Sun

A CELEBRITY tattoo artist has shocked clients after refusing to do one of world’s most popular inkings – turning down easy money because he’s so annoyed.

Gordon James, from Livingston, has worked with plenty of famous faces such as Game of Thrones star Hafþór Björnsson, Machine Gun Kelly and Scots UFC scrapper Paul Craig.

But he has bookings every day with the public and has decided to put down the tattoo gun for good on a specific design.

He says: “With the ever growing increase in tattooing popularity, this leads to a decline in original thoughts for tattoos.

“Most people are jumping on what's hot right now, and that's okay if it's a new pair of shoes that are in fashion, but when it comes to a tattoo it's permanent. 

“I did eight lion tattoos in one week before finally making the decision to stop doing them.

“They look great but not when everyone has them.

“Imagine everyone drove around in Ferrari’s, after a while they'd lose their appeal and would just be another Corsa on the road. 

“I’ll happy tattoo a lioness but I’ll never do a lion again.

“I’d rather sacrifice money to save my brain cells.”

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Gordon previously warned folk against getting the inking he claims EVERYONE regrets.

He says: “There’s not person I’ve ever met that has a tribal tattoo and doesn’t regret it.

“It might have looked good in Dusk Till Dawn with Brad Pitt but it’s not looking so good when you’re a nine to five.

“I’d just say good luck covering it up, you can’t cover up black with white.

 “Getting it off with laser treatment or amputation are the alternatives.”

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