I’m a supersaver and fill my fridge and freezer for a month for £120 – why I never shop in Aldi or fall for BOGOF offers | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has revealed the food shopping rules she follows to keep her grocery bills as low as possible. 

The super saver says following the rules has helped keep her food shopping bill below £120 a month for two people, sometimes spending as a little as £40 a week.

Sarah shared her shopping rules in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Let's go over some of my grocery rules that help me keep our groceries under $75 [£60] , sometimes under $60[£50]. I have hit under $50 [£40] before. Very proud for two weeks of groceries for two people."

The savvy shopper says she makes sure both her and her partner follow these rules for every shop. Firstly Sarah refuses to buy produce in Aldi but not because she thinks the produce is bad quality. 

“First of all, no produce at Aldi[…]But this is not because of the produce quality, and this is only applicable to their vegetables.”

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Sarah says in her Aldi she can’t buy single produce and the store forces her to buy in bulk.

“Mainly it's because if I need an onion, I will not get it at Aldi, because Aldi does not have individual produce. They have a bag of onions or they'll have a pack of peppers. When I'm doing my list I know I need one pepper to pepper, I need one onion. I don't need seven. This is huge thing. I do not buy in bulk. I buy exactly what I need, and I do not buy more.”

However the super saver said she will buy smaller produce that is packaged like berries from Aldi.

Sarah says she only ever buys cheese from Food Lion and never at Aldi. 

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“Cheese. I always get generic from Food Lion because it is cheaper than our Aldi generic brand.”

If a recipe uses chicken, Sarah will buy chicken thighs as they are much cheaper than chicken breasts.

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“Chicken thighs whenever possible. If a recipe calls for chicken. 99.9% of the time, we were doing chicken thighs. Chicken thighs are tastier for us and a lot cheaper."

Sarah says she always shops her house first so she goes through all her cupboards and ticks things off her list. 

“So shop your house first. I go through the kitchen, and I will mark off anything that we already have. And so I've already shopped our house before I go to the store. I do not do it for my brain. I will get it wrong.”

Sarah says BOGOF deals are a scam unless you need two of an item. 

“Buy one, get 1/2 off is not a real deal if you don't need more than one. Just because they have like two for five, I'm not getting it if I only need one.”

The savvy saver says she shops the perimeter of her stores and rarely buys snacks.

“Shop the perimeter. Most of our groceries come from the perimeter. What that means is produce, dairy, and meat. We don't get a ton of packaged foods, like box snacks.  I didn't have any snacks on this grocery list. Um, we just don't really shop that way.

Sarah says she also buys generic canned foods and dairy as opposed to name brands.

“Also, canned foods are always generic. I do not buy brand name tuna.There's just no real need to do that.”

“And last one, dairy is always generic. Like, sour cream. I'm not buying name brand sour cream. That's dumb. Just gonna buy the generic sour cream.”

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