I’m a pro waxer & there’s a product I would never use for removing hair on your bikini line – it’ll savage your bits | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL waxer has revealed the one hair removal product she would never use, and says it'll totally damage your bits.

Caroline Hegarty took to her TikTok account (@officialflb) to reveal the one product she would never go near to remove unwanted body hair.

The beauty expert responded to a comment asking exactly why she wouldn't use the hair removal method.

The item in question? Hair removal cream.

"Why do you not agree with hair removal cream?" asked the viewer.

They added: "interested to know now, is it personal choice or a specific reason?"


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The professional waxer revealed it was a personal opinion but explained the way hair removal cream works, and why it wasn't for her.

She said: "When it comes to hair removal creams.

"The ingredients in the cream basically eats the hair, Okay? basically, it cannot distinguish what is hair and what is skin."

Caroline added that many people often think they can leave it on longer to really get all the hair out.

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But in actual fact, the cream is also removing your skin – leading to nasty burns.

The waxer added: "Don't do that.

"Because it will continue to eat and eat and eat and eat, and the next thing you know, you've got burns, you've got a really bad allergic reaction.

"You created some serious skin issues."

She continued: "I just, I don't f***ing get it.

"And I don't know why people would put that sort of s**t on their little kitty cat.

"God damn it, we only have one ladies, look after it."

Caroline ended the video saying she couldn't be paid to use the stuff but urged viewers to do what works for them.

Women quickly took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

Many admitted they had in fact ended up ruining their bits thanks to the hair removal cream leaving burns.

One person wrote: "PSA not to leave it on too long because I chemically burned my lady petunia with hair removal cream once."

Another commented: "I put it on my fandango for the first time, washed it off and all it had done was mat the hair, I broke 2 razors trying to fix it."

"I used it once. Bad chemical burns couldn’t leave it on for the whole time either. Worst hair removal," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I've had chemical burns on my legs from it… no way its going anywhere else."

"I have used hair removal cream in the past, but never on my lady bits. You couldn't pay me to touch my bits with that," claimed a fifth.

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