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A PROFESSIONAL decorator has revealed how to banish mould on your bathroom ceiling for good – and shared that the secret is buying the right paint. 

Charlotte showed how she starts by removing the mould and peeling paint, before covering her clients’ ceilings in the Zinsser 5-in-1 ceiling paint.

Not only does this give their ceilings a fresh new look, but also helps to keep the black spots at bay.

And it's a super quick job, as she confirmed there’s no need to prime or paint over two coats of this.

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “Mould and peeling paint on a bathroom ceiling? Let me show you how I fixed it. 

“Scrape all loose paint off. As you can see, this ceiling was never mist-coated meaning the moisture in the room separated the paint from the plaster. 


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“Then tape off your tiles. 

“Any paint that doesn’t scape off, make sure to feather the edges so they blend into the ceiling better. 

“Then for this job, I’m using Zinsser 5-in-1 ceiling paint. It seals, primes, stain blocks, covers and protects from future mould. 

“Brush around the outside first, then follow with a roller. 

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“Two coats later and jobs done.” 

Shoppers can pick up the Zinsser Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 paint from various retailers, including Screwfix, with prices starting at £39.99. 

The interior decorator, known online as @charlottedecorator, regularly shared DIY tips and home hacks with her 19,100 followers. 

Fans loved her quick tutorial, with the video gaining more than 3,600 likes and 362,000 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “Zisser is the best – pricy but worth it.”

“Great tip!! Top class work,” another said.

Others shared their own suggestions, with someone else adding: “Good tips, but… look at cause… lack of loft insulation, too much insulation and no roof vents, rainwater ingress, lack of mechanic ventilation.”

Another put: “No point in sorting out the symptoms before paying attention to the cause. plz install a good extractor fan first.”

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