I'm a pro cleaner – the 'erratic' vacuum mistake that means you're not getting your floor clean enough | The Sun

A TIDYING pro has called out one of the most common cleaning mistakes she sees people make.

She said that although it seems efficient, the method is ultimately ineffective.

TikToker Kacie (@kacie_thebigcleanco) explained her housekeeping gripe in a recent video.

"Here's a tip from a professional cleaner. Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster," she started off.

Kacie then demonstrated a typical vacuuming job in which the handler moves the vacuum in quick, short strokes across the carpet.

She explained: "Vacuuming like this is erratic and disorderly, and you miss bits."

Her next demonstration showed the vacuum moving in much slower and longer strokes across the carpeted floor.

Kacie said that although it may appear to take longer, moving at a more measured pace ultimately picks more dirt up from the ground.

She also called out those who attribute slow vacuuming to a serious medical condition.

"Vacuuming like this — some people say it's OCD, but OCD is not a joke," she reminded viewers.

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OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is a mental health condition characterized by repeated actions that are difficult to stop.

"This is just being methodical and ensuring every section of floor gets vacuumed twice, and you never miss any bits," she continued.

Many commenters thanked Kacie for defending the seriousness of OCD while sharing her expert cleaning advice.

One viewer wrote: "'OCD is not a joke.' Yes, finally someone casually calls out that using that term isn't funny or relatable."

Another impressed supporter added: "Thank you for challenging the stereotype. I love your content."

Other supporters found Kacie's vacuuming tip to be gratifying since they've already had success using it.

"That’s how I vacuum. You’re right, it gets vacuumed twice, and plus it looks pretty," revealed one commenter.

Another added: "I hoover like this daily. People always say it’s pointless, but they can carry on having bitty floors."

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