I’m a plastic surgeon – the questions you want answered about boob jobs… yes, you have to go under the knife again | The Sun

A TEAM of plastic surgeons have lifted the lid on everything you want to know about boob jobs.

The docs at Qunomedical empathised that information about operations and surgery is full of jargon, making it trickier for us to understand exactly what each procedure is and what it involves.

And due to this, there are two big boob job myths that people believe… but are totally wrong. 


Lots of women might think that getting a boob job is a be-all and end-all procedure, but it’s not.

The truth is that implants DO need changing, and maybe more regularly than you’d want to shell out for. 

So, if you’re looking to up your cup size, be prepared to go under the knife more than once.

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“Most saline and silicone gel implants last for anywhere from ten to 20 years,” the docs explained. 

“Therefore, it is recommended that breast implants need changing every ten to 25 years. 

“This depends on the implant brand and lifestyle of the person.”

What’s more, life changes like pregnancy, weight loss or gain and general ageing also affect how often you need your implants changed.

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You might have been led to believe that breast augmentation with fat transfer will give your boobs the same look as implants. 

This is not the case as they’re two totally different procedures. 

Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure to adjust the size or shape of breasts, typically with a fat transfer.

However, the plastic surgeons at Qunomedical warned a breat augmentation isn’t the operation for you if you want melons. 

“You can achieve a natural result with a maximum of one size bigger with breast augmentation,” they said.

“It is more about the shape than the size. 

“Often to achieve a desired size, you will need an operation required with breast implantation.”

Surgeons can put implants in at the same time as a breast lift to make them bigger while changing the shape.

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