I’m a petite fashion fan and have a ‘magic ratio’ that instantly makes short girls look taller and it’s so easy | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered why certain outfits don't seem to look right on you but look great on your tall friends?

According to one fashion whizz there's a simple reason and it's all down the getting the ratio right.

Don't worry – there isn't any confusing maths you have to remember, just one rule that makes a massive difference.

The trick was shared by the TikTok account @offbeatpetite and loads of shorts fashion fans can't get enough of it.

The fashionista said: "If you're petite you need to know about the two thirds rule."

Instead of breaking your body up in to two equal halves with your clothes, you should always try to split yourself in to the so-called 'magic ratio'.

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One third on the top and two thirds on the bottom, according to the fashion whizz will make all the difference.

As long as your bottom is longer than the top, or vice-versa, you'll instantly look taller.

This could be a high-waisted midi-skirt and a top, or an oversized top with a mini skirt or shorts.

"It makes such a difference when planning outfits," the fashionista quipped.

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She added: "I works well for balancing out all body types and especially helpful if you're short like me."

Viewers of the clip loved the handy tip, one said: "wait, this is life changing!"

A second wrote: "I think this is my problem when putting outfits together! Trying this ASAP."

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