I’m a petite 5ft1 fashion fan – here are six tricks to instantly make your legs look longer | The Sun

ARE you short and forever wishing you were taller?

A 5ft1 YouTuber has revealed a number of clever tricks you can do to instantly appear taller than you are – and you probably have many items already in your wardrobe.

Fashion expert Dearly Bethany, who has over a million subscribers, shared her top tips.

Speaking in a video, she said: “With clothing, I don’t want one of those inches taken away from visually.

“I’m also pear-shaped and I have a longer torso, so that means my legs are going to seem even shorter compared to my body.

“The main takeaway with all of these tips is to have a long, visually-unbroken line that will extend as much as you can with each outfit.”

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Here are her top tips…

Skin tone shoes

This can be wearing skin-coloured shoes if you are bare-legged, or black if you have dark tights.

Bethany said: “I don’t always wear skin tone shoes, but when I do it will match the same tones as my legs and that will make it look like the line is not broken all the way down to my toe.”

Pointed toe shoes

Bethan said: “Speaking of toes, my tip number two is pointed toe shoes. This will make that visual line continue for an extra few inches.”

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She added that this tip is “more an optical illusion rather than a reality.”

If you have round toed or squared toed shoes, that is going to make your legs look “stubbier.”

The style guru added: “Extra points if your style of shoe is going to have a low vamp [shoes that end closer to your toes], that will expose even more of your foot.”

High-waisted everything

Another tip is to aim for items that are “high-waisted”.

She explained: “Your legs visually start where your torso ends.

“If you move that waistline up, that is going to lengthen your legs.

“I’ve heard it’s simple maths, less torso means more legs.”

Monochrome solid outfits

When it comes to colours, you should aim to wear one colour from head to toe to create a “visually very long line”.

Bethany said: “Not only that, but you won’t really be able to tell where your legs even start

“Why it is important to choose a solid colour is if I was to choose a patterned top, and then the pants aren’t, that will break up those into two pieces, visually not creating that solid line, even if they are on the same colour.”

Extra long wide leg pants

Bethany advised that “wide leg pants make it literally impossible to tell a shape of a person’s legs.”

She added: “If they are floor-grazing and you have shoes underneath them which no one can see, that will make it impossible to tell how long your legs are.”

Vertical lines, not horizontal

When it comes to lines on clothes, Bethany has one mantra: “Vertical lines lengthen and horizontal lines widen.”

She said: “It is important to remember that the eyes travel the way that the line goes.

“If the eye goes up and down, that will lengthen the look.”

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