I’m a parenting pro, how to get your toddler to listen first time & why telling them to ‘stop’ just makes it worse | The Sun

ANY parent will know the frustration of repeatedly having to tell your toddler not to do something – only for them to continue.

But, according to one parenting pro, there’s a simple but effective way to make your little one listen and it doesn’t involve the word ‘stop’. 

TikTok account Big Little Feelings, which can be found at their profile @biglittlefeelings, is a social media account which describes itself as a ‘toddler expert.’

They recently shared a top tip with their 44,600 followers on how to ‘get your toddler to listen the first time’.

In the caption, they explained: “Ah yes, the serene sound of a parent saying ‘No!"’ 2 million times a day. 

“‘Stop!’ ‘Sit down!’ ‘Don't touch!’ ‘Listen to me.’ It’s like I can see into your house right?

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“Your toddler's brain is under construction and has a million things going through their mind at any given moment. 

“And? They just don't have the ability to remember "rules" at the drop of a hat. We have to give them reminders (yes, constant reminders). 

“And, when we frame these reminders in a POSITIVE way, rather than a negative ‘I told you 1,000 times’ way, they're more likely to think we're on their team, that we're teaching them, that we SEE they need help, and we're calmly giving that to them.”

Lifting the lid on exactly how that can be carried out on a day to day basis, Big Little Feelings elaborated further.

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They explained: “The key to getting our toddlers to listen is to be direct and specific.

“We can even shift from negative to positive by telling them what they can do,” they added, before giving examples such as, ‘food is not for throwing, it’s for eating,’ and ‘crayons are not for eating, they are for drawing with your hand.’

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They continued: “Sometimes you’ll still have to hold boundaries and help them not eat the crayon, or whatever it is.

“But start here by being direct and specific about what they can do to help them listen the first time.”

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