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ANY parent will agree that there are certain taboo subjects that you don’t admit to, whether that’s having a favourite child or actually disliking your kids on occasion.

But one mum has confessed to the ultimate taboo – admitting that she regrets having children at all.

The anonymous woman took to a Facebook group dedicated to parents who regret having kids and shared her true feelings about becoming a mum.

In her post, the woman bravely explained that she had given birth at the age of 34 and questions whether she even loves her daughter.

She wrote: “I terribly hate being a mother, physically and mentally. 

“I didn't feel the sensation of huge love when she was born like people say and I have to force me to do all the things a mother has to do and to organise. 

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“I prefer staying at work than with her, it's frustrating spending the days or evenings looking after her.”

The mum went on to explain that she and her partner, who are considering a separation, had very different thoughts on the baby.

She had initially wanted to give up the baby for adoption and even considered a termination but her partner had wanted her to go ahead with the pregnancy.

“I underestimated what life is like being a mother,” the mum who lives in Italy says.

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The mum then explained that she felt she couldn’t leave the baby with her dad for fear of being judged.

The post was met with dozens of supportive messages from fellow parents.

One said: “Go and find your happiness..do what makes you happy.”

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“You could absolutely leave if that's truly what you want. I do want to say that it gets easier,” added another mum.

A third wrote: “As someone who was raised without a mom, I promise it’s better to give the father full custody if it’s what you truly want.”

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