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A HAIR expert has shared her three top tips to improve your hair’s health, including the simple swaps you can incorporate into your routine to make it fuller than ever before. 

Rachel Valentine, who can be found on TikTok at @rachelvalentinehair, is a freelance hairdresser based in London who regularly shares helpful hacks and videos. 

One of the latest posts was titled “easy changes you can make for healthier hair.”

In it, she went through one by one, beginning with how even your choice of hair tye could be slowly damaging your locks.

Showing the camera a normal elastic hair tie, Rachel explained: “First up, change your every day hair band from this

“Start using something softer like a scrunchie or a coiled hair band. It doesn’t have to be satin, but these are also really good.”

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Rachel then said it was also important to make simple swaps in our diet, concentrating on eating more protein to promote hair growth and shine. 

She continued: “Secondly, up your protein intake. Our hair is literally made of protein so it’s really important that we’re getting enough in our diet.

Rachel’s last piece of advice was to take time out of your busy routine each day and give yourself a mini head massage.

She explained: “Give yourself a head massage every day.”

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As she explained that it “feels amazing'' and “releases so much tension in the scalp”, Rachel also opened up about the additional benefits.

She said “It stimulates blood flow which is so important because our blood is carrying the nutrients to our hair follicles and enabling it to grow.”

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Rachel’s followers were keen on trying out the simple but effective hair hacks as they described the video as very helpful.

One wrote: “Doing God’s work, I swear” Another wrote: “I actually changed to scrunchies last week and less headaches and when I take it out barely any hair is around it.”

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