I’m a gym girl & my simple hack will make your glutes look amazing in leggings – it takes seconds | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic shared her secret to getting a sculpted, lifted backside in seconds – and squats aren't required.

Working out at the gym and maintaining a consistent regimen is hard for anyone but it doesn't have to be.

Vikki Hill (@VikkiHillPT) is a fitness coach, so she already has an advantage over less-dedicated gym attendees.

But even an expert with a toned body can do with some extra support, as Hill demonstrated in a video.

She did provide a small disclaimer in the video description. "How to sculpt in leggings, girls," she wrote, before adding "plus don’t skip leg day."

At first, Hill stood in a pair of fitted leggings that were pulled up over her belly button, but still had a little bit of loose fabric throughout the legs.


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Showing the front of the leggings, Hill grabbed at the excess fabric, then pulled it up.

She left extra material bunched at the front of her thighs.

Turning to show her glutes, Hill yanked the seat of the leggings so it gave her the slightest wedgie, pulling excess fabric toward the top of the waistband.

Hill also pulled fabric from the front of her legs toward the back, creating more of a frame for her glutes.

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Instead of making the leggings as high and tight as possible, and getting a "pancake butt," she strategically positioned the excess fabric.

The result was a firm, sculpted-looking backside, thanks to the fabric that cupped either side of her glutes.

One person wasn't clear on how the hack worked and was worried about how much excess fabric was at the front of the leggings.

"Surprisingly pulling it round the back helps reduce that lots," Hill clarified. "Really recommend."

"I mean it looks great but that can't be comfortable at all," one person said.

But another woman countered, writing, "It doesn’t feel comfortable if I don’t do this."

Hill responded to one of the commenters who questioned the sustainability of the hack.

"Practice makes perfect," wrote the cheeky fitness coach.

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