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YOU might not be thinking about growing anything in September, but it's actually the perfect time to plant these vegetables in your garden.

Don't worry if you're not very green fingered – they're super easy to plant and you'll be able to reap the rewards in no time.

That's why Ward Dilmore, founder and head landscape designer at Petrus Landscaping, recommended them for even total novices.

He said: “Planting vegetables in September can be a breeze, especially if you choose the right varieties.” 

Here are some of the easiest plants to grow and a few tips to help you out too.


Lettuce actually thrives in cool autumn weather so towards the end of the month is the idea time to add them to your garden.


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The pro suggested adding the seeds into well-drained soil and keep it moist for a few weeks as they grow.

Spring onions

One of the easiest thing you can grow in your garden, spring onions require "minimal effort" according to the pro.

"They're ready to harvest when they reach your desired size. You can use both the white and green parts in various dishes," told Express.co.uk.


Another vegetable that thrives in mild weather, spinach can be easily grown in moist soil and it's ready to eat in a matter of weeks.

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There are different varieties to choose from, including 'Bloomsdale' and 'Baby Leaf'.


Beetroot is one of the best options if you're not a confident gardener as they tend to put up with quite a lot.

Just keep the soil moist and well-drained and they'll grow to be perfectly tasty.


Simply sow kale seeds into well-drained soil and they'll survive lower temperatures.

According to the pro, once they vegetable beings to grow it'll be even more forgiving.


To grow carrots simply pop the seeds in loose, well-drained soil – and make sure there are no little stone as they might damage the roots.

The soil should be kept moist as they start to grow and then thin out the seedlings as they continue to grow.

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