I'm a gardening expert and here's the exact date you should cut back your tulips

WITH summer around the corner, many beautiful spring flowers may be starting to fade.

However, a gardening expert has revealed why you should not be tempted to cut them down just yet. 

On The Spruce, it explains: “It's tempting to want to cut them [spring bulbs] down and be done with them, but if you want the bulbs to bloom again next year, you have to resist the urge to cut the leaves or even make them look tidier.

“Flowering bulbs need their leaves to photosynthesize and make food after they finish flowering. 

“Each year, bulbs must store enough food to not just get them through the remainder of the year, but also to set new buds. That takes a lot of energy.”

But when is it safe to cut back flowering bulb leaves?

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The website says that bulbs that have emerged and bloomed in April need to be left standing for eight weeks or so, which is in June.

The flower stalks can be cut back after they have finished blooming, unless you want to save the seeds.

To hide the fading bulbs, you could consider planting perennial plants and shrubs that will start filling in the space.

Also early-blooming annual plants like pansies and snapdragons will start blooming and keep the area full of colour.

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The gardening experts advised that spring leaves need to be exposed to sunlight to be able to photosynthesize, so you shouldn’t tie them in bundles or tuck them under nearby plants.

And you should also feed your bulbs now if you haven’t already done so, while they are building up energy to store. 

This can be done with special bulb fertilisers that have a large amount of phosphorus.

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