I’m a fit mom and nurse at 43 – I have a secret to reverse aging but you’ll need to pay for it | The Sun

A FIT 43-year-old nurse divulged her reverse aging secret with physical and monetary costs attached.

The mom of two revealed her muscle-building hack that helps keep the body young, and a gym membership is necessary.

Shannon Collins (@thegymnurse) bulked up when she realized her unhealthy habits had caught up to her.

The Indianapolis-based woman advocates for bodybuilding as a driving force in "healthy aging."

On her website, the registered nurse shared her body transformation story.

"Growing up, I never had to worry about my weight and was able to eat whatever I wanted without consequence," Shannon admitted.

"Years of eating junk food started to catch up with me as I hit my mid-30s during parenthood."

Shannon was the same weight she was when she was pregnant.

By then, she knew she needed to change to remain healthy for herself and her family.

The now-certified fitness and nutrition coach began intuitively eating and switching cardio for weightlifting.

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Shannon proclaimed: "I lost 30 pounds over about two years!

"Being strong and building muscle has changed my body. I feel better now than I did in my early 20s!"

The passionate woman deemed muscle as "the gift that keeps on giving."

She advocates against "fat loss" and encourages women to increase their strength in the gym.

Shannon said muscle helps maintain body weight, "improves body composition and mobility," "builds strong bones," and "reduces the risk of osteoporosis."

Instagram users commented on her recent post to share their own exercise experiences.

One agreeable woman wrote: "Chasing strong won’t disappoint. Way too many benefits to not be lifting."

"Muscles in my legs are helping me to ease pain from knee arthritis. The exercises on their own are instant pain killers. It's like oiling a machine," another woman expressed.

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