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A FASHION expert has revealed the style of boots you need to bag this winter.

Basicela took to social media to show off her favourite styles, and why there are some you need to avoid as they'll make you look shorter and chunky.

In the clip she said: "Today we're talking about how boots can make you look taller, shorter, or can make you appear to have slimmer or chunkier legs."

"If you plan to invest in a good pair of boots, it's important to know what the boot will emphasise on your legs or on your general appearance," the fashion expert explained.

The first pair she demonstrated fall a few inches below the knee, but a key details is that the sides of the boot go slightly higher.

This small detail makes your legs look much taller and slimmer than they actually are.



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For a chunkier boot, Basicela revealed you should go for a boot that has a looser fit around the calf to make your legs slimmer.

If you are planning to buy the on-trend cowboy boots, the styling whizz revealed you should try on a few pairs as these styles often stop midway of the calf and can make your legs look chunkier.

She added tight fitting knee-high boots should also be avoided.

"Having extremely tight boots that end around 5cm below your knee can compress your leg and not do you any favours," she continued.

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Ending the video, the fashion expert said that ultimately you need to try a few pairs to make sure it suits your body shape.

Those with shorter thighs will benefit from a higher boot, while those with longer lower legs will benefit from a shorter boot.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @basicela went viral with over 310k views and 20k likes.

People were quick to thank her for the styling tips.

One person wrote: "So satisfying to see someone talking about these details. My man thinks I’m too particular in what I choose.details matter!!!"

Another commented: "The timing is impeccable, I am currently looking for boots and this was so helpful, thanks a lot."

"I honestly didn’t think I was going to see a difference but miss ma’am!! I see it! So helpful," penned a third.

Someone else added: "Thanks for the tip. I am currently looking for the perfect boots."

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