I’m a curvy Christian – people lose their minds when I pose in a bikini, they call me ‘immodest’ but I won’t stop | The Sun

A RELIGIOUS woman with a curvy physique has taken to social media to address concerns about her body.

She shared how people go crazy when she wears a bikini and call her "immodest."

TikTok user Jana (@janatiktoks) is a proud Christian and body positive advocate.

She is very passionate about her faith and also the realities of being a woman with a curvier shape in today's society.

In a TikTok video, she shared how she felt about being criticized for wearing a bikini in public and online as a religious person.

Critics were quick to call her "immoral" for her fashion tastes, but Jana showed how little she cared.

When the video began, the content creator was visible from the chest up, her hair was damp, and she had barely any makeup on.

She wore a bright yellow bikini top that lifted her large bust and provided ample cleavage.

The subtitle over the visual read: "Me (a curvy Christian woman): posts a video in a swimsuit."

"Hi ladies! How ya doing?" she acted along to the background audio.

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"I wanna kill you!" another voice said in the audio track.

"Oh year, take a number honey," Jana mouthed along once again before the video came to a close.

Christians in the comments of many of her previous videos questioned her faith and claimed that her style "does not represent Christ."

Many people were quick to come to the TikTok user's defense in the video.

"Like are we supposed to swim in a Spider-Man suit," one viewer commented.

"They do realize he created us WITHOUT clothes. We are the ones who took leaves and covered ourselves and saw it as sinful," another chimed in.

"What they forget is that God judges you and knows your heart, not them," a fan added.

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