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WITH rising energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis in tow, many of us are sure to be reaching for our fluffy socks and warm jumpers to avoid putting the heating on at all costs.

If the thought of turning the heating on is enough to send shivers down your spine, you may have dug your cosy dressing gown out to deal with the cold weather.

But it turns out that we aren’t washing our dressing gowns enough.

Prepare to be shocked, as experts at Boux Avenue revealed how often we should be washing our dressing gowns – and it’s much less than many of us are likely doing.

According to those at underwear chain Boux Avenue, your dressing gown actually needs washing after just four wears – yes, you heard that correctly.

But it’s not just to ensure that your loungewear stays smelling fresh, it is to avoid bacteria growing inside too. 

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The lingerie experts said: “Did you know that your dressing gown actually needs washing after 4 wears. 

We know this may shock you, most of us are guilty of wearing them for a lot longer.

“One of the main reasons to wash your dressing gowns more often, is for hygiene reasons – any more and you risk allowing bacteria to grow on it. No thank you!”

If you are someone that loves to snuggle up in your dressing gown, here is how to ensure yours stays nice and fluffy. 

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According to Boux Avenue, if you follow these six steps, you will get the best results for your fluffy dressing gown after every wash.

They said: “Ideally, wash your fluffy dressing gown approximately every four wears.

“Wash it all on its own, VIP-style.

“40 degrees is the best temperature – any hotter risks damaging the soft fibres. 

“Use a gentle detergent – and go easy on the dosage.

“Once washed, do not tumble dry. 

“Air or line dry your robe and keep it hung up whenever you’re not wearing it.”

When it comes to satin robes, follow the same process to ensure your sexy slip stays clean and fresh.

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If you wish to iron your satin dressing gown, set the temperature to 40-65 degrees Celsius, turn your robe inside out and press the fabric gently.

Follow these steps and your dressing gowns will not only stay cleaner for longer, but will avoid any nasty bacteria popping up too.

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