I'm a cleaning whizz and transformed dirty, battered trainers to looking brand new with 20p hack | The Sun

A CLEANING technician has shared how they bring battered trainers back to life with ZERO scrubbing. 

The method is so effective that it can remove any dirt or stains even after huge outdoor events, such as a muddy run. 

The owner of Polished Gems, a cleaning technician in Durham, took to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips to spill all of their professional secrets. 

“This was my trainers after a colour run charity event and a week's worth of cleaning tenancies,” they said. “They were rotten.

“This is how I wash all the trainers in my house weekly. 

“Rub in Original Fairy Washing Up Liquid into the fabric and leave for a couple of minutes.

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“Spray with Pink Stuff Stain Remover and do nothing other than leave for five minutes.”

Once The Pink Stuff has had time to work its magic, they go in the washing machine.

“In the wash they go,” the cleaning expert instructed. 

“With a fairy washing pod and a dishwasher tablet. I use Fairy Platinum. 

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“It’s a one hour wash on a 40 degree cycle. 

“No scrubbing, no elbow grease. I’ve had these trainers for three years and still wear them daily for my cleaning job.”

The cleaning hack should cost about 20p worth of products.

People were seriously impressed with the before and after pictures and vowed to give the method a go. 

“I’m keeping this,” one said. “Holy moly, they’re like new.”

“Wow, that's awesome,” another penned. “I'm so doing this.”

“Wow they look perfect, like just out of the box perfect,” a third weighed in. 

Polished Gems’ owner hilariously responded: “They would [look brand new] if they didn’t have holes in the front from wear and tear.”

The cleaning expert added that the trainers come out of the wash better when they’re not placed inside a pillow case, contrary to popular opinion.

However, some people were concerned about putting a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine.

“I know some people advise against dishwasher tablets in washing machines, absolutely personal choice,” Polished Gems said.



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“I wash my work clothes every night with a dishwasher tablet in my machine and also trainers once a week with a dishwasher tablet. 

“I’ve had my washer for seven years and never had a problem but I can only go off personal experience.”

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