I’m a cleaning whizz and I compared the Pink Stuff to Scrub Daddy and Bar Keepers Friend… the results were surprising | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the surprising results of an experiment she conducted using three popular cleaning products. 

She took to social media to reveal exactly how she put the Pink Stuff, Scrub Daddy and Bar Keepers Friend to the test.

In a clip online, she explained that she would section a dirty oven tray and use the products on either side to compare them. 

“We’re going to do a comparison of the Pink Stuff, Scrub Daddy tangerine, Scrub Daddy powder paste – it does come with a sponge – and Bar Keepers Friend,” she said.

Instructing viewers to always use a glove while handling all of these products, she went on: “The Pink Stuff and the Scrub Daddy paste look very similar in texture.

“And the Scrub Daddy powder paste kind of looks like the Bar Keepers friend powder with added water to it.” 

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She then used a blue tape to create a cross on the tray before adding a bit of each product in each rectangle. 

Cutting the sponge in four quarters, she explained: “I cut up the sponge in equal size and used one on each corner.”

She then timed each side by 30 seconds as she got to work scrubbing each section.

The cleaning whizz then wiped down each side and took the tape off to take a close look at the results.

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Revealing the results, she continued: “Even though the cooking sheet isn’t 100 per cent clean, because again we only did it for 30 seconds, the top left on the Bar Keepers friend did look the cleanest.”

She then used Bar Keepers friend on the entire tray to give it a second scrub down before asking viewers which one they thought produced the best results. 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “I already knew barkeeper's friend would work best. That stuff is really helpful with tough stains.” 

Another shared: “barkeepers friend is basically comet, without all the extra chemicals/smell”. 

A third said: “after using it for a while i’m not impressed by the pink stuff”. 

And a fourth explained: “Bartenders friend is a different type of cleaner than the other three. The other three are pastes. Power paste and Tangerine are almost the same product. 

“Power paste is suppose to be more aggressive while tangerine is more gentle and safe on more surfaces . Tangerine and Pink Stuff is what should be compared to each other. 

Power paste should be compared to Bartenders friend except not really. Bartenders friend is aggressive (polishes/gritty) like Power paste but can be used on less surfaces. Whatever suits your need.” 

While a fifth added: “I already knew barkeepers friend was gonna win cus i use it all the time its so handy to wash the hard water out of the sink or shower”. 

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