I’m a cleaning pro, my £2 trick stops dust settling on your skirting boards AND it makes your house smell amazing | The Sun

IF you’ve ever taken a close look at your skirting boards, you’ll know how much dust they can gather from day to day. 

But luckily a cleaning fan and guru has shared her top tip to stop this from happening – and it’ll make your home smell great in the process. 

TikTok user Shayna Alnwick, whose profile is @shaynaalnwick, revealed she has found the perfect way

Shayna – who regularly posts home tips, including DIY tricks with her 622,000 followers – explained: “I’m about to show you the best cleaning hack.

“See my skirting boards and how dirty they are, they're really dusty. Ok, well hear me out.

“So get a rag and wipe off the dust and vacuum it up. I’m going to vacuum all this carpet up [too.]”

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Shayna then shared her top tip, as she reached for a packet of Lenor tumble dryer sheets. 

The popular Lenor product can be purchased from most supermarkets for as little as £2 when on offer. 

She continued: “And then the trick is to get these Lenor tumble dryer sheets – they smell delicious as well.

“You take one and rub it down your skirting board. It creates a static so dust will take ages to actually stick to your skirting boards – and it smells really good too. Thank me later!”

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Shayna’s social media followers did exactly that as they flocked to the comment section to have their say on the home hack. 

One wrote: “I’m trying this right now!” A second added: “Great tip!” 

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Shayna also encouraged her loyal followers to “do one side of the staircase with dryer sheets and leave the other normal.”

She added: “Look at how much more dust the normal side collects!”

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