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SUMMER should be a time for relaxation but it is easy to find things around the house that need cleaning.

Cleaning experts have shared a list of five items that should be cleaned over the summer to make it less overwhelming.

The first item mentioned in a recent Homes and Garden magazine article is a summer classic – the grill.

This is essential to prevent rust.

Vera Peterson, the President of Molly Maid, told the magazine that it is most important to clean ashes from the inside and bottom of the grill.

She said you can remove the grill grates when the grill is off and cool, for the easiest clean.

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Then, use an oven cleaner and warm soapy water to clean the grates.

Once this has been left to soak for several minutes, the grime will be removed “seamlessly.”

Next on your list should be luggage. 

Vera said it is advisable to start with a vacuum cleaner.

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"It is essential to vacuum to remove build-up dust on the inside and out of the bag," she said.

"A mild cleanser can be used outside the bag – and if there is a lingering smell, you can apply a vinegar-water solution."

Allow several days for the vinegar to air dry before using the suitcase.

You can also cleanse the luggage using baking soda.

Air conditioning units, which can easily collect dust, are another “must-clean” item.

Vera said to replace the filter and wipe the shelving layers of the unit with a damp cloth and cleaning solution at the beginning of the summer.

Michael Rubino, an indoor air quality expert and wellness advocate, also told Homes and Garden that this kind of cleaning is essential to prevent mold.

“Once a colony is established, it will release spores into the machine, which will then get blown throughout the room, lowering the indoor air quality and contaminating surfaces,” he said.

Once the air conditioning is settled, it is important to clean your bed sheets.

They tend to be less wrinkly when air dried.

Finally, take time to clean off your patio furniture in preparation for summer gatherings.

"Since you probably stored this in your garage for months, start with a good washing of your patio furniture," Vera said.

"It is also important to keep cleaning them with natural summer outdoor occurrences.”

"Storms, rain, bugs, and pollen will impact outdoor patio furniture in warmer months."

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Home and Garden’s Garden Expert Rachel Crow said to wash the furniture with a 1:3 detergent-to-water solution with warm water.

It can then air dry.

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