I’m a cleaning pro and you’ve been mopping your floor all wrong – my method means you’re not just moving dust around | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has shared their best method to keep your floor looking spotless and there are three steps you need to know.

Brandon Pleshek is a third generation cleaner who often shares his top tips and tricks on Instagram and his mopping method is so easy to do.

Before doing anything else you should always sweep, dust mop, or hoover your floor.

"This will save yourself from creating a mussy mess once that dry dirt mixes with your wet cleaner," the pro explained.

The type of floor cleaner you use matters more than you might think too.

According to Brandon some common cleaning products leave a sticky residue or a film on the surface of the floor, which isn't ideal.


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He recommended opting for a PH neutral floor cleaner, which you can buy online or supermarkets.

As for the mop you use, Brandon said he prefers to use a "flat mop with multiple microfibre cloth heads" because it's easier to swap the cloths once they get dirty.

It also makes mopping multiple rooms easy, since there's no heavy bucket of water to carry around – just a spray bottle.

If you have a traditional mop you should always "continually rinse it" so that the dirt on the floor isn't just being moved around.

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Fellow cleaning fans loved the simple tips and couldn't wait to see if they made a difference in their own homes.

"I just used your method with a flat mop and it worked like a charm! You really inspire me to get it done and clean that up," one commented on the video.

A second said: "Wow! Those floors cleaned up great!"

"I agree about moving dirt around, my flat mop is so much better," another wrote.

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