I'm a cleaning fan – there's an easy trick to getting annoying bits of dust in small areas & you don't need a hoover | The Sun

HAVING a sparkling clean home is something everyone wants. 

And thankfully social media has become the go to place for hacks to make life that little bit easier when cleaning the house. 

Cleaning the surfaces is all well and good, but sometimes getting between the edges, nooks and crannies can leave you feeling exasperated.

But it doesn’t mean that they should be left to collect more dust. 

Luckily, one social media user has shared an interesting trick to help solve those issues. 

Firstly they get a hairdryer, surgical face mask and the top half of a plastic bottle.

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They then wrap the face mask around the end of the hairdryer where the hair sucks into before adding the bottle which has been cut in half. 

They make sure they use the drinking end of the bottle so it can create a suction device.

They then show how the suction device can be aimed into those small and difficult sections of the home where dust will often collect. 

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Another trick shared, to collect dust from between window ledges is to measure up on a sponge where exactly the ledge rises.

Then slice a straight line down on the soft part of the sponge and then the sponge is small enough to get between the gaps.

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