I'm a cleaning expert and this is how you clean under your fridge without having to lay on the floor

EVERYONE has those hard to clean areas in their home which are virtually impossible to reach. 

And the kitchen has its fair share of tough places to get to – none more so than underneath the fridge.

Now, a cleaning expert has come up with a genius way to transform your kitchen routine, which means you’ll no longer have to lie on the floor, or get into an awkward position to get to the dirt that sits there.

Plus, you won’t have to spend time lugging the heavy machine around your home.  

TikTok account @washy_wash, which has over 750,000 followers, has shared their simple kitchen hack. 

In a video which asks, “can’t you get under the fridge?” they explain that you can take an old kitchen sponge and wooden spoon to make your own clever cleaning contraption.

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You simply have to cut a small opening into the middle of the sponge with scissors so that the stick of the spoon can easily fit in.

Once you’ve made the slit, slide your spoon into it and in just minutes you’ll have a new kitchen gadget that can easily fit underneath your fridge.

Then all that’s left to do it to bend down and scrub away the dirt that you previously couldn’t see or reach.

@washy_wash clarified that this is just for “weekly cleaning” and that she’d still move her 140KG appliance from time to time when she wanted a thorough, “deep clean”.

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This comes after a TikTok account shared their similarly genius trick to cleaning stubborn areas, such as the space in between your cooking hob and kitchen counter. 

Aesthetically In Home, a cleaning and home TikTok account which has 13,200 followers, said all you need is a toothpick and piece of kitchen roll to dig out the dirt.

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In a helpful step-by-step video guide, they demonstrate how you can wrap kitchen roll tightly around a toothpick, before showing it in action.

Underneath in the comment section people said they couldn’t wait to try, while also sharing their own hacks for stubborn areas, including toothbrushes and credit cards.

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