I’m a Christmas mad mum but get our decorations for FREE online – they still look fab, I put them up 6 weeks before

CHRISTMAS time can be a very expensive time of the year, but not for this smart saver.

Rebecca Millership, 29, is a self-confessed Christmas super fan but manages to get all her decorations for free.

Talking exclusively to Fabulous, she explained that: “The less money you spend on decorations, the more you can put into presents.

Rebecca lives in Walsall, Birmingham with her husband and two boys aged four and seven.

She works part-time at a school and insists on putting everything up in mid November.

"I still want the house to look nice because Christmas is really important to us.

"If we can do it cheaply and still have that cosy feeling, it’s worth it." She said.


Some may prefer to splash out at Christmas, but for Rebecca, she says: “Each to their own, if people want to spend lots on decorations – as long as they’re not getting into debt –  but I’m happy with my cheap decorations.

“I’m on a shoestring budget and have saved thousands using sites like Freegle, Freecycle, Freelywheely and Facebook Marketplace for things in my house.

As for what she's got, she's said: “In the past, I’ve got dozens of wooden tree decorations, a Countdown to Christmas blackboard, a wreath, a reusable Advent calendar, a Santa plaque saying ‘ho ho ho’ and a ‘Santa welcome’ sign.

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“They all came from a local community group on Facebook, where people give their things away for free. I check it regularly and have my notifications turned on, so I know as soon as someone posts." Rebecca explained.

“I was chuffed with the reusable advent calendar, because I’d been wanting to get one for ages to reduce my waste.

"With the disposable ones, you could spend £6 each year for two kids." Perfect for her two boys, aged 4 and 7.

Rebecca said she'll use her reusable advent calendar for a few years and then pass it onto someone else.

As for her enviable tree: “We’ve had the tree for years and got it from a garden centre for £200.

The mum added: "I didn’t want to be adding to landfill or having a tree that slowly looked worse each year. Otherwise all our decorations are from B&M.”

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