I’m a chef mom & love Aldi – my 13 cheap must-have products to buy there | The Sun

BEING a parent often means being willing to find the best deals at grocery stores.

A mother of two who works as a chef has a few suggestions Aldi shoppers might want to consider.

Tori Hazelett shared her 13 favorite items to purchase from Aldi with Insider.

Burman’s Mayonnaise is what she uses as her “secret ingredient” in the tasty salad dressings she makes at home. 

Not only is Burman’s listed for $1.93 (which is half the price of Hellmann’s), but she says it tastes even more delicious. 

Southern Grove's Cajun Trail Mix is the second item on her Aldi shopping list since she considers it her favorite snack.

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She says for $5.29, the combination of flavors pleases her palate and goes along with whatever she's drinking during happy hour.

Specially Selected's Indulgent Greek Yogurt is on her list for being a great breakfast addition that's packed with protein.

A 32-ounce container sells for $3.79 on the shelves of Aldi.

Black Angus Rib Eye is a dinner option on the shopping list that never disappoints Tori.

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She claims that she can skip ordering steak at restaurants now that she purchases such delicious meat for $11.89 per pound from Aldi. 

Salmon is another incredible dinner option in Tori’s opinion.

A slab of salmon from Aldi costs $9.59 and can be served as a delicious dinner centerpiece.

Anyone interested in re-creating a Philly cheesesteak copycat might want to consider purchasing Amoroso Bread & Rolls from Aldi for $4.99.

Tori says they are perfect for meatball melts with a lot of sauce and mini garlic bread loaves. 

Burlwood Bubbly is worth $5 a bottle from Aldi and gets the seal of approval from Tori.

She says that although she’s not a wine connoisseur, this is the perfect drink to use for celebratory toasts. 

Choceur's Peanut Butter Cups are worth $2.69 per bag from Aldi.

Tori says they’re so decadent and delicious that it’s hard to stop after eating just one.

Aunt Maple's Protein-Infused Mix for pancakes and waffles is worth $3.15 per box.

In Tori's mind, this is another brilliant breakfast option since it’s filled with so much protein.

Tori absolutely loves olives, whether they are garnishing in an alcoholic beverage or part of a cheese and fruit board.

Specially Selected Olives come in a handful of flavors and sell for $2.98 per jar.

Tory says: "Olives are upsettingly expensive at other grocery stores, but these high-quality Aldi options are almost half the price of name brands. They also come stuffed with garlic, jalapeno, or blue cheese."

Happy Farms Cheese from Aldi is perfect for a family that loves grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Depending on how many slices of cheese are in each package, the price ranges from $5.39 to $8.81.

In Tori's opinion, Ready-Made Crab Cakes are an ideal dinner option for her family.

The crab cakes sell for $12.39 and taste better than many people might guess.

She says: "Crab cakes are a family favorite, and I make a mean roasted red-pepper remoulade to accompany mine."

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When it comes to baby wipes, the Little Journey brand is Tori’s top preference. 

A three-pack of wipes, which includes 218 total pieces, goes for $19.96.

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