I’m a brunette country girl – my favorite hairstyle brings me 'closer to Heaven', people 'bless' me when they see it | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl has shown off her hair look that brings her closer to heaven due to its religious appeal.

The comedic content creator wore a hairstyle that makes people feel like "blessing" her when they see it.

Andi Marie Tillman (@andimariere) is a comedian and content creator who incorporates her life experiences into her work.

She describes herself as a "Recovering Pentecostal" and reflects on her Christian upbringing in many of her video skits.

In a TikTok video, Tillman tapped into her religious roots to act out how her lifted and teased hairstyle made her feel.

"Trying to make Loretta or the televangelists proud," she mentioned in the video's caption.

When the video began, the brunette stood in an outdoor setting and held a large microphone to her mouth.

Her hair was heavily teased and looked like it belonged in the 1950s.

"Lord ya'll this hairstyle's got me feeling a couple ways," she said.

She donned a heavy southern accent and gave her best "Sister Loretta" impression of a pastor's wife.

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"Pray for my husband because he's leading a county-wide revival this Wednesday," the comic added.

The video resonated with many people and they couldn't resist making their opinions known.

"This is 1000% Sister Loretta. Not THE Loretta, but the pastor’s wife Loretta," one viewer commented.

"It’s giving June Carter cash vibes," another added.

"It’s Windsdee," a fan wrote.

"Bless u child," a TikTok user chimed in.

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