I’m a beauty lover and this is why you should always outline your lips with fake tan before bed | The Sun

A BEAUTY lover has claimed the secret to having the perfect lips is to outline them with fake tan before you go to bed.

TikTok user Beka, who posts under @bekskerridge, demonstrated how it can lead to a well-defined lip line and lips looking fuller.

In a video that has racked up 17,000 likes, the beauty fan said: “If you haven’t already outlined ur lips with fake tan at night wyd [what you doing]?

“Try this.”

Using a brush she applies the tan to the outer edges of her pout so it is darker in the morning.

Many people seemed very impressed with the fake tan hack and rushed to the comments to give their views.

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One said: “I been doing this for years. Never used another liner again” to which Beka said: “Loveeee.”

Another fan added: “Best thing to do.”

After seeing the video, lots of TikTok users wrote that they want to try it out for themselves.

One said: “I might try it.”

And a second commented: “OK WAIT” to which Beka responded: “Trust!”

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