I’m 50 and fabulous – haters say I should dress my age but I don't care – I still love crop tops and booty shorts | The Sun

THIS woman hit back at haters who said she should dress her age and ditch the booty shorts and crop tops.

50-year-old Katrina (@imsodeliteful) is all about feeling good in your skin and wearing whatever you want – no matter how old you are.

The influencer and self care guru doesn't listen to what haters have to say about her choice of outfits and she inspires other woman to have the same attitude.

In one clip on her Instagram Katrina poses in a tiny bikini and big hoop earrings.

Reacting to people who say she only ever shows off her body, she said: "That's just one part of me, don't let people put their stuff on you."

She continued: "But let's be clear, I'm going to rock out with my body until the wheels fall off so you might as well get over it."


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In a separate video the stunner donned a crop top and skinny jeans as she danced around in her kitchen.

Viewers couldn't believe how young Katrina looked, with many saying the outfit helped her look even younger.

A second quipped: "You can't be 50! Where?!"

"You don't even look 30," another said.

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As for the haters and trolls who tell Katrina to dress more like a mum, viewers were on her side.

"Dress like whatever you want they're jealous that you're fine and 50," one person commented.

And someone else said: "Whoever says that they're just mad because they can't look like you.

"They're intimidated by you, go flaunt it with pride."

A third added: "Wtf is a 50-year-old supposed to wear? Church hates and Easter dresses like it's Sunday? If you've got it show it, respectfully."

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