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PERFUME experts have revealed exactly what your favourite perfume scent says about you.

Some of us prefer floral notes, while others can't get enough of vanilla – and your favourite scent might have a lot to do with your personality.

The Perfume Shop employees from Nottingham, took to TikTok, sharing a list of the top perfumes and whateach one say about the person buying them.

Starting off, the perfume whizzes shared what the cult-classic YSL Black Opium says about you.

They said if this dark, vanilla scent is your go-to, you don't like risking and are probably choosing the safest option.

''Maybe a little bit overrated but it's still a good one.''


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The more sexy and fruity tones of Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, on the other hand, mean you're most likely horny, the employees thought.

Another cult favourite is Alien by Mugler – a true manifesto for optimism and love for a floral bouquet.

''Alright, we get it – you like this one!''

In a more adorable packaging comes the bubble gum scented Moschino Toy 2 – which, according to reviews, dries down to nothing but the aroma of roses.

''This might not be everyone's favourite.

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''But it's yours – and you're totally chill about it.''

Less in your face is Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein – simple, yet sophisticated.

''You're into the classics. You're old.

''You're really old.''

The shop employees also revealed which cult favourite screams ''I'm pretentious'' – and according to them, it's the chic bottle of Versace Eros.

''You are one pretentious hipster.''

Next up on the list of 12 scents was another perfume by Carolina Herrera – this time Bad Boy, a go-to for many.

If you're amongst those who can't imagine leaving the house without a spritz of this sweet yet refreshing scent you're cool – and the employees definitely like you.

They also had something to say about the fans of Lacoste Red perfume.

''This one's just a phase – you'll grow out of it when you grow up.''

Unlike the latter, Hugo Boss Bottled is not just a phase.

''You will never grow up.''

Whilst some tend to go for a safer option and bag a perfume that is worn by everyone, plenty of people will try to stand out – and if that's you, you think buying Explored by Montblanc is the answer.

''You picked this one to be different – how clever.''

As many cult favourites as there are, there are also countless of perfumes that haven't become loved by people.

One of these, the video revealed, is Aramis.

Despite being the first prestige men's perfume to be sold in department stores, the shop employees said this is nobody's favourite.

And if you claim it is yours – you're definitely lying.

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The Perfume hop employees also revealed which perfume their believed was the best one – full of a good dose of florals and musks, it's Libre by YSL.

''If you chose this one, you are correct.''

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