I went to the hairdresser for a new look – it's so bad I look like a skunk, people say the hairdresser should go to jail | The Sun

GOING to the hairdresser and getting your hair done is a luxury that many of us really look forward to, right?

But there’s nothing worse than forking out money for a fresh hairdo and leaving the hairdresser absolutely hating your new style. 

That’s what happened to one young woman named Chloe, who posts on TikTok under the username @chloedonovqn.

Chloe took to the social media platform to reveal what happened when she went to the hairdresser to get a trendy new look.

She said: “How I ruined my hair in one appointment”.

In the clip, Chloe showed off her beautiful hair before her visit to the hairdresser – it was long, blonde and very voluminous.

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She then shared an image of the hair that she had asked for – the major difference was that she wanted some brown added in. 

She confirmed: “The reference photo was from their own page too??”

We then see some pictures of Chloe at the hairdressers, throughout the hair dyeing process.

She said: “Trust the process.

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“Immediate snappage. 

“Regretting it.

“Realising it’s not even toned right.

“Brown patch on my money piece?


“Entered skunk ERA”.

Chloe revealed that she was left majorly disappointed when she left the salon, as her new hairstyle looked nothing like what she had requested.

Instead of the brown blending in with her blonde locks, it was very boldly done, which led Chloe to describe her new hair as similar to that of a “skunk”. 

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Chloe posted her hair reveal video just 15 hours ago, but it has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and racked up a whopping 1.4million views. 

TikTok users were left stunned at Chloe’s new hair and her video has amassed an impressive 108.7k likes, 284 comments and 226 shares. 

Many were horrified at Chloe’s hair and some even said that the hairdressers should go to “jail” for what they did to her hair.

One person said: “Omg u better have asked for a refund plus monthly treatments”. 

Another added: “Those hairdressers should go to jail”. 

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A third commented: “Ok this is horrid. I am so sorry, I hope it’s fixable”. 

Whilst someone else noted: “Omg gurlll looks like they've either left it on too long or used a high peroxide so it's snapped off so quickly! I'd recommend getting treatments and regular cuts and it'll be better in no time” to which Chloe replied “I hope so! I can’t be looking like a skunk over Christmas”. 

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