I went for a bikini wax, but was left mortified when my beauty therapist did my eyebrows instead as I lay half naked | The Sun

JUMPING on the bandwagon of sharing her most embarrassing wax story after reading a Twitter thread, one woman has revealed the mortifying experience she went through at a salon. 

TikTok user Jessi Hope, whose bio describes her as someone who “overshares”, sat down in front of her camera to explain what happened when she went to her usual place in Clapham to get her Hollywood wax and eyebrows done before jetting off on holiday. 

Sharing that she saw a Twitter thread that asked the question ‘what’s the worst part about going for a wax? share your most embarrassing stories,’ Jessie couldn’t help but jump on her social media account to reveal what happened to her. 

“It was about a year ago, it was in Clapham,” she shared before explaining that she’s been getting bikini waxes for “quite a while now”. 

Detailing her past experience, she continued: “I’ve tried really cheap places, like the shopping centre where you go in and there’s like your H&M and your Primark and there’s just some damp little room where they offer waxes for like £10. 

“And there’s a reason they’re for £10, they’re f***ing painful and they’re done by people who don’t know what they’re doing.”

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Assuring viewers that she no longer goes to places like this, she confessed that she’s also tried “fancy” salons. 

She went on: “Now I’m kind of used to it, I will go to places that are sort of like moderate pain for a moderate price, you know what I mean?

“I found this lady in Clapham and she did a good job, she’s as swift and painless as pulling hair out of your genitals can be. 

“I’d gone there a few times. I was like, ‘You know what I trust this woman,’ and it’s one of those places where they do nails, they do pedicures, whatever. So I thought, ‘You know what, while I’m there, I’ll get my eyebrows done too,’ because I was about to go on holiday.” 

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Describing what happened as she arrived for her appointment, she said: “The receptionist does the thing they usually do where you go in and you go, ‘Hi I’ve got an appointment at 12,’ and they go, ‘Yeah, what’s it for?’ and you’re there like, ‘Um it’s at 12, my name’s Jessica, it’s right there…’

“They go, ‘Oh is it HOLLYWOOD WAX and eyebrows, is that what you’re in for? HOLLYWOOD WAX and eyebrows,’ and you’re like, ‘Yeah,’ and the whole room knows now.”

Jessi then shared how they instructed her to sit down before her beauty practitioner came out to ask her what they would be doing that day. 

“And I said, ‘Oh, you know, doing the usual, the Hollywood wax and my eyebrows please too,’ and she goes, ‘Cool’.

“We start heading to the back room and she goes, ‘What do you want to do first?’ 

“I think about it and I say, ‘Let’s get the worst one out of the way first,’ and she goes, ‘Yeah good idea, I’ll leave you to get ready’.” 

Jessi then explained that some beauty salons give their customers a little towel or a pair of paper pants to “cover their modesty”, but this place did no such thing. 

It meant that she sat half naked in the room as her beauty therapist walked in. 

“I get into the room and I close the door. I strip from the waist down and I lie back on the bed. So I’m there like Winnie the Pooh – fanny out,” she explained. “She comes back into the room and she looks me down and she looks me up…

“And then she does my eyebrows.” 

“Just lying here… Fanny out,” she added before ending the clip. 

While many found the story hilarious, others felt inspired to share their own experiences in the comments. 

“I was once getting a wax when the window cleaner appeared at the window. Mortified,” one person penned. 

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Another shared: “Got a Hollywood once in a darkish room and the woman put a headtorch on. Was looking around for a canary,” to which Jessi replied: “Omg,” with two laughing emojis. 

A third shared: “…but have you ever had them multitask on you? Legs, Hollywood and face. I froze and have not been back since”. 

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