I was so scared when I dislocated my jaw I PUNCHED it back into place – now I can’t eat normally and men won’t date me

A WOMAN who was left with a dislocated jaw after being hit in the face with a ball when she was a child has revealed that guys now don't want to date her.

Chelsey Raubeson, who is from the US, posted a short clip to TikTok to share the sound her jaw makes after the unfortunate incident when she was younger.

Despite since having surgery to repair her jaw, it now makes a rather bizarre sound whenever she eats – something which she claims deters potential suiters.

She explained: “POV: You dislocated your jaw in the 6th grade by getting hit in the face with a kickball.

"Panicked that you couldn’t close your jaw so you punched yourself repeatedly in the face until it went back into place.

“Now when you eat it sounds like a deformed heartbeat and every guy you ever dated finds it disgusting.”


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Many of Chelsey's social media followers were left shocked the the revelation.

One person commented: “When I close my eyes it sounds like a horse walking down a concrete path, it's soothing.”


A second commented: "But that’s lowkey bad*** for relocating it yourself though."

A third noted: "My jaw got stuck in 6th grade by yawning, it does the same noise when I eat lmaoo."

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Another wrote: “Sounds like echolocation, rock on dolphin girl!”

And a fifth suggested: "Chiropractor homie. Works for me."

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Meanwhile, another added: "Yo that's so impressive – the commitment you had to get it back in."

And a further joked: “The right guy will rap battle to the beat.”

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