I was scarred for life in a vicious concert attack – and the thug was only caught when I spotted him next to me in A&E

A MUM who was left scarred for life by a drunken thug at a gig has revealed how she brought him to justice when he was treated next to her in A&E, after fracturing his hand in the violent attack.

Music lover Alicia Crook was punched in the face three times in the unprovoked outburst from Charlie Shuttleworth, 19, a total stranger.

The attack left her with "crash crash" injuries, including a large gash across her left eyebrow and a fractured eye socket.

Shuttleworth was only brought to justice after Alicia spotted him being treated in the cubicle next to her in A&E – suffering with his own injuries from the attack.

The 33-year-old, who went to the Royal Blood gig at Manchester Arena with her sister Toni, niece Anne-Marie and her best friend Kate, told Fabulous Digital: “Shuttleworth is an animal.

“He launched an attack out of nowhere, punching me every time I got up off the floor.

“I really thought he was going to kill me. It was completely unprovoked, I had never even spoken to him before.”

Shuttleworth ran off after attacking the mum-of-one, and she feared he would never be brought to justice.

But he was forced to go to the Manchester Royal Infirmary himself after fracturing his hand in his violent outburst.

Alicia said: “He initially managed to escape after the attack, but then I spotted him in the next cubicle in A&E – he had fractured his hand punching me.

“I took a secret photo of him and called the police.

“If I hadn’t come across him in hospital, he would have got away with it completely.

“I’ve suffered mentally since, with anxiety, and I have a scar on my eyebrow which I am very self-conscious about.

“I normally love going to concerts but this has really put me off. I won’t go again.”

If I hadn’t come across him in hospital, he would have got away with it completely

Alicia, who was completely sober as she was driving that night, first noticed Shuttleworth when she saw him dancing aggressively in front of them.

She said: “He just seemed a bit boisterous at first but then he was slamming into people and getting too rowdy.

“I said to my sister that he was trouble and we backed away.”

But the very next song, Shuttleworth turned around and punched Alicia in the face three times.

She said: “I felt myself flying backwards, into the crowd, but he just kept coming towards me.

“Every time I got back to my feet, he punched me again. One of my eyes was closed and my head was bleeding.

“I thought he was going to kill me. He only stopped when a crowd of blokes pulled him away.”

Alicia was covered in bruises from the attack, in November 2017, and had to take five weeks off work.

Shuttleworth pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court last December.

He was originally given a 14-month sentence, to serve half in custody and the other half out on licence, and was locked up.

But after an appeal his sentence was reduced to a year’s detention, suspended for 18 months.

Detective Constable Richard King said Alicia was left covered in blood.

"This was an horrific and completely unprovoked attack on an innocent young woman who was simply enjoying a music concert only for Shuttleworth to violently attack her," he said.

"Shuttleworth claims his actions were down to the amount of alcohol he had consumed that night.

"This is a stark reminder that we should all know our limits when drinking – those extra drinks have cost him seven months behind bars and a criminal record."



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Alicia said: “He pretended to be sorry in court, but he was just sorry he got caught.

“If he was really sorry, he wouldn’t have appealed.

“I usually love going to concerts but I can’t face it now.

“My boyfriend got me tickets for a gig, but I felt so anxious that we went home before the main band even got on stage.

“The permanent scar on my face is a lasting reminder of that night.”

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