I was left mortified after getting an ‘inspirational’ tattoo and the artist made a VERY glaring spelling mistake | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo is a risky business and some people can be left with regret at the finished result.

One person who must be feeling that way is a woman who wanted an inspirational bird tattoo, but the artist made a big spelling mistake. 

The mistake was spotted by the woman’s friend and was posted on Reddit.

Underneath the bird was a phrase that read “in time, this to shall pass” instead of the correct “in time, this too shall pass”.

They should have used “too”, which can be synonymous with “as well” and “also.”

People were quick to comment on the spelling mistake.

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One wrote: “I would simply be : upset.”

Another added: “Nah, they are just upaet.”

A third joked: “Give it time.”

Some people praise the bird design and said the artist did a good job with that at least.

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One said: “the artwork and lettering is nice – shame about the spelling.”

However, another disagreed, saying: “Never mind the fact that the "too" is missing an "o", that handwriting is atrocious”.

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