I was desperate for a pricey designer Christmas tree collar but didn’t want to fork out for it so I made my own | The Sun

CHRISTMAS is the season where you can go a little further with your decorating. 

But with the cost of living so high, many of us are turning to DIY to create some of the best home transformations. 

If your Christmas tree base is looking a little bare this may be the hack for and you won’t need to splash the cash for this one.

Home hack fan Bria has shared an amazing Christmas collar decoration which she made with just a laundry basket and some scissors.

In her video Bria said: "Ripping off expensive Christmas decor again.”

Bria decided she wanted a bash gold Christmas tree collar for her tree this year.

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But didn't want to pay the $72 dollars createandbarrel were selling it for.

She said: “Never not figuring out how to deal with my expensive taste.”

Bria decided to make her own using a laundry basket and a gold coloured gift bag. 

All Bria needed was a little tape and scissors.

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First Bria cut out the bottom of her laundry basket. 

Next she cut off the rim of her laundry basket she also cut off one row for the laundry basket so it would fit the width of her gift bag. 

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Bria then cut her makeshift collar in half. 

Bria cut open the gift bag and stuck it on the outside of her collar with tape. 

Then Bria put her collar round her tree and taped it at the back, hidden so no can see. 

Bria’s collar looks just like the createandbarrel collar but costs less than half the price to make. 

Bria’s video now has over 87,000 views and viewers were very impressed with her DIY.

One commenter said: “Doing this tomorrow for sure!! Thanks for the inspiration!”

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A second commenter said: “Thank you!!! this will be perfect for my champagne tree.”

Another commenter said: “Wow! I’ve been struggling to find a skirt thingy for the bottom of my skinny tree. I’m gonna try this! Thank u [you] for sharing!”

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