I wanted better brows so got them microbladed… by day eight they had already fallen off and things got even worse | The Sun

ALL her life, Damipepe was called 'browless' because her natural hair was very light.

Fed up of all the constant trolling over her looks, the woman decided to finally get them microbladed – but little did she now they would fall off just days later.

Mortified, Damipepe, from Nigeria, took to TikTok where she shared the journey explaining what had happened.

And it seems that things were off to a bad start – although she had gone to an expert her pal had recommended, she wasn't attended to for over two hours.

By the time the brow whizz finally started taking care of her, Damipepe was already ''tired, hungry and just pi**ed off''.

''How you tell me appointment is for 12pm and by 3pm I am still here. They've not done anything…

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''It's disrespectful quite frankly.''

Then, hours later, the brow lady finally was ready to work magic on Demipepe's ''non-existent'' eyebrows, first by mapping them and then by injecting ink to her skin.

''If I had to rate the pain, I would say it's like a 2/10… but then again my two can be your four,'' she chuckled, warning fellow beauty enthusiasts.

After the process was done, Demipepe couldn't stop raving about the new look.

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''Let me just tell you, I was obsessed with my brows. I mean, browless where?''

But unfortunately, just as the brow pro had warned her, the joys didn't last long and just a few days later there was scabbing and the inked skin started to come off.

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On Day 6, Damipepe chuckled, there was ''another crack''.

''We have the tip of that has fallen off,'' she zoomed in her brows.

However, two days later in the journey, things got even worse, as most of her eyebrow was hanging off her skin looked ''a little weird''.

By Day 13, all the peeling and scabbing was over, and the beauty fan was in love with the final look, praising the expert's work.

But unlike Damipepe, viewers weren't so sure about the new brows – in their opinion, they were still too light and the microblading hadn't done much to improve the colour.

One person wondered: ''was I the only one happy with it when dark then when it peeled and healed, I was like meeehhh ..''

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Another agreed, adding: ''I feel like this is not the expected result….too light.''

''Too light someone will hardly notice but it’s fine,'' someone else commented.

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