I took my 12-year-old daughter to get her nose pierced as a birthday present – trolls slam me but it's what she wanted | The Sun

A MUM has sparked backlash online after allowing her daughter to get her nose pierced for her 12th birthday.

Sharla took to TikTok to share a video of her daughter having the piercing, writing: "Took my daughter to get her nose pierced for her 12th birthday."

In the clip, her daughter was seen laying down as the needle was inserted through her nostril.

While Sharla turned comments off on that video, she left them on on another video which she titled "daughter reveal" – and people were quick to offer their opinions in the comments section on that clip.

"No hate but why did u get her nose pierced at 12?" one wrote.

To which Sharla replied: "Because she wanted it done for her birthday and I asked the piercing places in town what age limit they all agreed to do it at 12 so I took her then."

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In the video, her daughter was seen with a ring in her nose as she posed alongside her mum – who also had a ring through the centre of her nose as well as several other piercings.

"She doesn't have to keep the ring in either just easier healing with a ring in at first then she can change to a little stud," Sharla added.

"Quick question what does the school think ? just wondering" another asked.

With Sharla responding: "I don't really care to be honest I'm her mother not them.

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"My friend got her nose pierced at 10," another comment read.

As Sharla wrote: "I don't see a problem with it.

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"Just a lot of people have to have a winge about everything lol."

Sharla added in another comment that she herself had her tummy button pierced when she was just 13.

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