I spontaneously got a tattoo of a fly on my ribs – now I’ve spotted an error I can’t ignore

A MAN has been left mortified after spotting an unforgettable mistake in his fly tattoo.

Posting under the username "Dankify", he uploaded the photo to social media site Reddit.

The post was captioned: "Just realized this flash fly I spontaneously got on my ribs on the weekend has 8 legs lol. F***me".

At first glance there is nothing wrong with the inking positioned on the upper ribs, the artwork is clean and the shading has been nicely done.

However, if you look closer you realise the artist has made an error as the fly sporting eight legs instead of six.

Flies are of course insects which means they have six legs unlike spiders which are eight-legged creepy crawlies.

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From an artistic viewpoint, the tattoo itself is far from terrible and many users were quick to point out the positives to ease his fears.

One redditor commented: "Eh, it’s a cartoon. The Simpson have four fingers. My point being no one cares or really pays attention if it’s not a realistic piece.

"It’s a technically well done tattoo, I wouldn’t have even noticed the legs if you didn’t point them out."

Another said: "It could be worse, the tattoo itself is not bad at all."

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"I read it as moving the legs really fast, cartoon style. Not s****y at all," said a third.

Others saw the funnier side and cracked some light-hearted jokes over the tat.

One user said: "He’s a lil speshul but he’s handsome and doing his best."

Another quipped: "The Amazing Spider-Fly. Bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip. Learned the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility."

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