I ordered clip-in veneers online in the hope of getting my dream smile – they're so bad I can scare the kids with them | The Sun

CLIP-IN veneers have become all the rage amongst those who want to spruce up their smile without forking out a fortune.

But unfortunately for one woman, her dream of new gnashers ended up in a disaster – the fake teeth were so bad, she could've easily scared children with her smile.

The mortified woman, better known to her fans as Knee Deep In Life (@kneedeepinlife), took to TikTok to reveal just how ill-fitting the pearly whites were.

''Now I'm telling you now – you are all going to run off to order this,'' she chuckled, saying the fit was ''impressive''.

Posing with her new smile, Knee Deep in Life was lost for words: ''What… the f**k is this?''

The gum section, she showed in the video, was abnormally large, pushing her upper lip way above its normal position.


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To make matters worse, the clip-ins were also unnaturally sparkling white and of a weird size.

''No, this isn't a joke – 100 per cent real.

''And it only emphasises my brown bottom teeth.''

Upon tying them on for the first time, the beauty lover came to discover another fail – they had only sent her the upper half of the gnashers.

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''Who wants top teeth and not bottom teeth? How is that a f*****g thing?

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''Slightly disconcerting that when you order on eBay there are actually people who reviewed it and gave it a good review,'' the shopper was baffled.

''There is a whole lot of saliva collecting behind these teeth…

''I'm going to scare the kids,'' she chuckled.

Of course, social media users were in hysterics and the clip saw hundreds of comments of people laughing at the major fail.

One person was in stitches: ''FML Laura.. I so need these in my life…You sold them to me big time….Not.''

Another added: I can’t believe you don’t still wear them.''

''This is screaming ‘MRS TWEEDY’ from chicken run,'' a third reckoned.

Unfortunately, she is not the only one to have had a bad experience with veneers – recently one bloke's new smile was compared to bright LED lights.

The man, better known to his fans on YouTube as DustinJOTV (@dustinjotv), shared the Before and After snaps on TikTok – but unfortunately, the reaction was slightly different to what he had hoped for.

Revealing the transformation in a video, Dustin – believed to be from Germany – begins by showing off his filed down gnashers.

The "before" images of gaps and weirdly sharp teeth make for a rather scary look.

But he is quick to fix it with veneers.

Posing with a sparkly stud earring and a vinyl puffer jacket, Dustin then reveals his new smile, proudly flashing his fake teeth.

Showing his bright veneers, he turns his head so viewers can see what they look like from all angles.

However, despite appearing pleased with the results, people on social media were less than impressed.

For the most part, it seems, TikTok fans thought the veneers looked pretty fake and too bright – some even compared them to blinding LED lights.

Writing in German, one person commented: ''It looks like chewing gum in square shape ohhh god no thanks and too bright.''

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Someone else thought the teeth looked like piano keys, and a third found a striking resemblance between Dustin and Jim Carrey in the 1994 hit move, The Mask.

Another chuckled at the quality, believing it looked rather poor: ''What in the wish app?''

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