I missed my own daughter's wedding to walk my step-daughter down the aisle instead

ONE father was left with a tough decision to make, when both his daughter and his step-daughter were getting married on the same weekend – a 13-hour drive apart.

Despite his attempts to attend both ceremonies, he left his biological daughter furious when he accidentally missed her big day, after walking his step-daughter down the aisle.

Sharing his experience in an anonymous post to Reddit, the man revealed that both weddings were on the same date, but a 13-hour drive away from each other.

His step-daughter's wedding fell the day before his own daughter's, but bothhad asked him to walk them down the aisle.

After attending his step-daughter's he set out on the drive to his daughter's wedding, but ended up getting lost – meaning he missed the ceremony and she had to get someone else to accompany her down the aisle on the day.

He claims his daughter thinks he deliberately missed her ceremony and now won't forgive him, while her friends have targeted the step-daughter – insisting she is to blame.

The man wrote: "My daughter has always been resentful of my stepdaughter and growing up, we've had to deal with a lot of issues related to this resentment.

"The unfortunate reality was that my ex and I had shared custody so naturally, I saw my daughter less than my step-daughter."

He continued: "My step-daughter's biological father passed away and I've treated her like my own since she was two. I love them both equally and I've never shown preferential treatment towards my stepdaughter – something my daughter always accuses me of.

"I did the math and I calculated that if I left my stepdaughter's wedding at 10pm and drove through the night, I'd make it with two hours to freshen up and get ready."

The drive, however, didn't exactly go to plan – meaning he was late.

He said: "Unfortunately, I got lost along the way plus traffic and I missed the actual wedding ceremony. My daughter's step-father ended up walking her down the aisle by himself.

"I feel like I tried my best to make both my children happy but I failed one of them completely."

To make matters worse, tensions have risen between both daughters.

"My step-daughter and her husband have been attacked on Facebook by my daughter's friends who is claiming that my stepdaughter planned it on purpose," he explained.

My daughter refuses to even consider any sort of forgiveness

"I gave my daughter and son-in-law an additional gift of money to go to Japan, which has always been their dream. It was a lot of money but I hoped it would be a sort of way for me ask forgiveness."

Due to the pandemic, his daughter and her new husband were unable to travel overseas and were forced to postpone their trip.

"My daughter refuses to even consider any sort of forgiveness," he said.

"The few times she picks up my calls always ends with her bringing up the wedding and getting angry at me again."


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