I lost 40 lbs thanks to my 'rice stretching' method, you can eat as much as you want and keep it low calorie | The Sun

A HEALTHY woman has revealed that when it comes to dieting, it's all about the final stretch.

She said her food preparation technique makes it so that she can eat as much as she wants while staying low calorie.

Jada (@digitaljada) filmed herself sharing the hack in a video on TikTok.

"Eat endless rice and still lose weight. I'll show you how," she said.

She then showed a photo of herself prior to her weight loss and another more current picture, clearly slimmer than before.

"I was trying to find ways to eat what I love, but make it stretch," she said.

She held up a serving of cooked rice alone, which appeared like a small amount of food.

"This is a serving of rice. I'm going to show you ways to make rice stretch, because this is not gonna fill me up, but this probably will," she said.

"So what I have here is cauliflower rice. Now, of course, no, it's not the same as rice. Nothing's going to be the same as rice.

"A hack that I love is to add one serving of rice and add it to a vegetable. In this case, we have cauliflower, and they make bagged cauliflower rice," she added.

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She combined the cauliflower rice at three servings totaling to 60 additional calories to the dish.

"We just beefed it up so much by adding cauliflower. And I use the whole, entire bag of cauliflower," she said.

A typical serving of rice is about 103 calories, making the dish perfect for a diet.

"That's super low calorie. And of course, you add as much or as little as you want, you still get your rice, and you're going to be full," she said.

"Now, this is my favorite hack. Coleslaw. Coleslaw. Coleslaw. If you want to use coleslaw, broccoli, salt, whatever.

"That stuff is so low in calories, like 20 to 30 calories max, per serving. With the serving of rice, I will add coleslaw," she added.

She said that preparing her food in her way made her weight loss journey way easier.

"During my weight loss journey, I had phases where I just wanted rice every single day and that's OK," she said.

"I just had to make it work and make it stretch.

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"As we know, rice is so high in calories, so I would literally be going through bags of coleslaw. Like, I would be getting bags of coleslaw, like, every day to make a lot of meals stretch, not just with rice.

"And I pair it with a low calorie teriyaki sauce. This is the biggest hack,"she advised.

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