I have big boobs but have found the best sports bra to stop the slightest movement – but people say it looks extreme | The Sun

A BIG busted fashion fan has shared the only sports bra that can stop her bust from bouncing around when she exercising. 

But people say it has so many straps it looks like aeroplane seat buckles. 

Tati has a naturally big bust and as a size 36G she needs extra support. 

But the fashion fan needs to really strap in her bust before she can get to working out. 

Tati explained the only bra that can do this is the £58 Shefit Flex bra

And it takes quite a long time to get it on. 

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She said in a TikTok video “This is my Shefit sports bra and I'm gonna show you how to put it on.

“Once you secure the lower clasp, you're gonna do the same thing with the upper one.

Tati has to secure and tighten several straps when putting on her Shefit bra. 

She said: “And then we're gonna go ahead and zip this up. And then I like to usually adjust them so I know that they're sitting up high.

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“And we're gonna take this side of the Velcro, pull it super tight. And then we have more Velcro up here to lift them.

People were stunned at how complex her bra is. 


One user asked: “What are you wearing? It looks like it's got seatbelt buckles from an aeroplane.”

The comment received a chuckle from Tati. 

The fashion fan explained this was the only way she could keep her bust secure when exercising. 

She said: “This way they don't bounce around while I'm working out.”

“And here is the so called aeroplane buckles.”

Tati’s video went viral with over 5.1 million views. 

Other big busted women said they also had to find super secure sports bra’s when working out. 

One user said: “I call it my titty straight jacket.”

Another said: “I’m writing this down. My DDD always be smacking me in the face when I’m working out.”

Some women with smaller busts said they were jealous of Tati's cup size. 

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One user said: “Does it come with the boobs? If not, I don’t need it.”

Another said: “Cries into my band aid that I use for support.”

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