I have 32DDD boobs – I can never normally find corset tops that fit me but bought the CUTEST two in Victoria’s Secret | The Sun

A TIKTOKER with big boobs revealed she has a common problem for big-chested women, which is that she can never find corset tops that fit.

However, the user, who is a 32DDD, reviewed the viral Victoria's Secret corset top, and fell in love.

The large-chested TikToker, known to her followers as MaCaked Up, reviewed two corset tops from the lingerie store.

Victoria's Secret corset collection took the internet by storm as many women with bigger boobs discovered its inclusive sizing.

MaCaked Up explained: "It’s really hard to find cute tops that I can wear because I’m a size small all around, but my girls aren’t, so I can’t wear those tops that already have those cup sizes in them."

Trying on the first corset top, the TikToker said: "I got a small DD, which was perfect that I was able to get a small size because it also helped me hold up and constrict me boobs a little bit."

The TikTok user tried on a second Victoria's Secret corset, which she said was "so beautiful, so cute."

She continued: "The biggest cup size that I could find was a 34DD, which is fine because it’s considered a sister size."

"It had no padding, so my boobs were able to lay perfectly fine in there," MaCaked Up told her followers.

She added: "It zips up in the back, and it’s a size small as well. So it fit perfect. So cute, 14/10 recommend."

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the viral looks.

"You literally look like a Victorian painting, and these are so cute!" wrote one viewer.

Another follower said: "OMG these are so cute! I'm a 36F and it sucks trying to find cute stuff. Good find though"

"Yo, I’m also a 32DDD and mine do NOT look like that. I’ve been cheated," commented a third person.

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