I hated the little window above my front door so transformed it with a £1.60 buy – my hallway is elevated now, big time | The Sun

WHILE oftentimes overlooked, the front door of a house makes quite the first impression for viewers. 

Think about it for a moment… It’s the very first and last thing you see in the house. 

So when one man was left unenthusiastic by this specific space in his home, he took it upon himself to spruce it up. 

Pointing at a tiny window above his white door at the end of his hallway, he told viewers: “I have this little window above my front door and it’s a little plain. 

“So I bought this very cheap, little sticker from Daiso. It was like $2 (£1.60).” 

Holding up the stained glass window design for people to see, he went on to show himself taking it out of its wrapper, adding: “I’m going to stick it on this window.” 


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“So I peeled it out of its little plastic sheath,” he continued. “This is really satisfying to peel that back of the plastic off of it. 

“Then I made sure to really thoroughly clean the window before sticking it up there.”

Known as @jacksoneather on the social media platform TikTok, he then warned people on  the one mistake that can happen when placing it on the glass.

“Now, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t trap air bubbles when you stick it on,” he said. 

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“But if you do, like I did, then just use a nice thick card and slide it across it to push any of those air bubbles out.” 

Reiterating how cheap the sticker was, he said it wasn’t as “big or as opaque” as he would have liked it to be. 

“But for $2, it ended up [producing] a really cute effect,” he added as he showed how the sun going through it projected the design onto his wall. 

While Daiso may not be available in the UK, stained glass window stickers are easily obtainable from Etsy for as little as £2. 

And upon seeing TikTok user Jackson’s video, people were left inspired to make a purchase for themselves, while others couldn’t help but give him advice on it all. 

“When you put up a cling use windex. You won’t get nearly as many bubbles,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “It’s a great idea, I would have cut it in half, rotated them and put one each end or bought 2 lots to fill the glass. Love the colours and reflection.” 

While a third gushed: “Omg I’ve been wondering what to do with my little random window”.

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