I hated my name growing up & then made the same mistake with my daughter – I'll never forgive myself | The Sun

WHEN it comes to picking a name for your baby, most parents are wary of two key things.

A – it needs to suit them through every stage of their life. B – you don't want them to share it with five other kids in their class.

As someone with an incredibly popular moniker herself, TikTok user Amy always told herself she wouldn't make her parents' mistake with her own kids.

Posting on her page earlier this month, the mum said: "I f**king hate my name. I've always hated my name.

"And I always said that when I have a child, they're not going to have the most common b***h a** name out there."

Growing up, Amy said she always loved the name Melana – but her ex-husband wasn't so sure.

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A few years ago, the couple adopted their daughter – but had much less time than they thought they would to settle on a name.

Butting heads over the moniker, Amy said her husband wanted to name her Alexis.

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"His dad always wanted a Lexus, like the car," Amy said. "So that way he could give his dad an A-Lexus. It's a stupid reason to name a kid Alexis."

As a compromise, the two decided to give up on their favourite names and settled on Alyssa instead – which, at the time, was they pretty unique.

She continued: "The name that we chose was beautiful but not super common though […]

"And then 20 million other b****es had that same plan and named their kid Alyssa just like I did and they're all the same age. What the f**k?!

"I did the same thing to her that my mum did to me."

Unsurprisingly, the clip struck a chord with viewers who have had the same issue.

One replied: "I named my daughter Cami, now I see it everywhere."

"I did the same thing," another added. "I named my son Gabriel thinking it's am old name no one names their kid that anymore then that next year the name trended."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I'm a Jessica it was the #1 name for the year I was born I did the same thing with my kids. Named them Hugh & Joss."

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