I got revenge on my noisy neighbours by giving them a taste of their own medicine, trolls call me petty but I don't care | The Sun

IF YOU'VE never had a noisy neighbour, the changes are you're the noisy neighbour.

One woman got so fed up of dealing with the loud family next door that she took things into her own hand.

She took to Mumsnet to explain her masterplan, but not everyone was on board with the mischief.

She explained: "My husband and I are currently undergoing some light revenge on the next door neighbours who make us miserable with their loud music."

The evil genius decided that she could get revenge by giving her neighbours a taste of their own medicine.

She confessed to "setting an early morning alarm to ring out in the bedroom that attaches to them."

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She explained that she knows her pesky neighbours can hear the alarm since the walls are paper thin and her and her husband can always hear them on the other side.

However she was desperate to take things up a notch, she said: "My iPhone isn't cutting the mustard.

"I want something louder and that lasts longer (I think the iPhone cuts off at 15 minutes?)"

She asked fellow Mumsnet users if they had any ideas how she could really annoy them.

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She said: "Any ideas? Ideally an app if possible I don't really want spend any money on the b***ards!"

One person replied: "It's not a good idea to start a war with people you have to actually live right next door to."

And a second said: "Do they know this annoys you every morning, have you tried talking to them?"

But the user defended her actions, saying: "We have spoken to them many times, they know how loud they are being and they don't care.

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I’m at the end of my tether with my noisy neighbours so decided to get revenge

"I don't want to blast our music back at the same level as I'm sure they will just play theirs louder.

For us the occasional early morning alarm clock to wake them up is enough to make us feel like we're getting some form of revenge but not as obvious as putting our bassy speakers to the wall."

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