I got dress-coded at work because my shorts are ‘too short’ even though my job is sweaty – it's clearly too distracting | The Sun

A GROCERY store employee has opened up on the moment she was dress-coded at work.

The influencer, known only as ayaurrr, claimed that she was told off over her denim shorts.

The influencer revealed that she is a worker at an H.E.B. supermarket in Texas.

In a TikTok clip, the staffer said: “When you get dress coded for these shorts at work even though you push carts all day.”

She was left baffled why she was dress-coded for her attire.

But, the shorts didn't reach her knees as she showed off the item of clothing.

Viewers tried to help the worker solve the mystery as they conjured up reasons why she may have been dress-coded.

One claimed that it was because her outfit was “distracting”.

And, another suggested the color of the shorts may have been to blame.

A third claimed that the shorts were frowned upon by bosses because they were ripped and tightly fitted.

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And, viewers were left stunned that the influencer pushed carts inside the store.

The US Sun told how Nicole Hailey was apparently dress-coded at work because of the top and skirt that she decided to wear.

She claimed that she was made an example of because she was “curvier” than other girls in her workplace.

In a video, she said: “Is this Inappropriate? I see skinnier girls wearing shorter skirts there all the time!" 

She suggested if she wanted to wear the outfit again she may need to wear leggings.

She said: “I guess I gotta wear leggings because I am a bigger girl.”

Nicole admitted that it felt as if she was in high school again.

And, Kadie McNally was furious after she was apparently told to cover up at Disney World.

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